Precision tied using high quality components, including Shape-Shifter hooklink and GenomicMGP anti-glare 130-carbon microbarb chod hooks, these are arguably the very best chod rigs on the market.

The hooks, the 3.1mm mounted rig ring and the size 11 Total-Flexi swivel all have a matte black anti-glare finish for rig concealment.

These rigs are formed into the perfect curve and have a unique 4mm loop at the swivel end to allow additional movement for excellent rig mechanics.

The loop on the back of the hook-shank is specially curved to be off-set for the very best presentation and stands-off at a perfect 2.5mm height.

Each hook size is matched to the correct breaking strain of Shape-Shifter to ensure the rig sits critically balanced for optimum hooking potential.

Available in short or long, with 3 rigs in each packet. See for yourself how Kodex rigs can increase your PB.