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Jason Le Bosquet (right) needs a hand from Neil Grantham to display the huge 64 lb sturgeon he landed on a Garbolino pole.

garbopoleGarbolino and Bait Tech consultant  Jason Le Bosquet caught the beast back in April 2014, but the video has only just been made public now in March 2015, by Garbolino France.

Jason, a previous UK Championship winner, used his brand new Garbolino G MAX Power Legion Pole to land  the 6 ft monster.

Whilst biger fish have been landed on pole tackle in other countries, including a monster 132 lb river catfish near Paris, Jason’s catch ranks as the best reported in the UK.

It came when he was attending the Garbolino Club Angler of the Year Qualifier at Lindholme Lakes near Doncaster. With the fishery full due to the competition Jason was forced onto Lindholme boss Neil Grantham’s one acre garden lake which had rarely ever been fished.

Fishing on his top 4 kit with a double worm hook bait, 10-12 Green Garbolino Bazookarp hollow elastic, Garbo Line 0.20mm main Line, with 0.18mm hook length with a size 12 Gamma Power hook and a float which he designed himself for shallow F1 fishing, a Garbolino DCX4!

Jason had been told there were three big sturgeon in the lake and joked to Lindholme owner Neil Grantham that he would get one out if he hooked it!

Now watch the video of Jason landing the giant…

What a battle that was!

Little did Jason know what was to come when he hooked the giant you see in the video, made live in France in March 2015.

After an hour-plus battle, the fish was coaxed into a keepnet…. as it was far too big for any of the landing nets on the fishery!

Speaking at the time (April 2014), Jason, no stranger to catching big carp on the pole, commented: “I can’t really believe what has happened to me today, to see a freshwater fish that big is amazing but to actually catch it myself on the pole blows me away! It just shows what you can get out on balanced tackle!”

Garbolino UK boss and England International Darren Cox, a blogger for this Angler’s Mail website,  was there at the time along with several others.

He commented: “I have witnessed many top angling performances in my life time but Jason’s achievement landing such a huge fish today on the pole is right up there with the very best.

“There are very few anglers have the skill to land such a massive fish like that, amazing, it was certainly a good test for our new Garbolino G MAX Power Legion pole too!”

The pole that caught the giant

In 2014, Angler’s Mail reported that  the G MAX range has raised the bar and models are sure to sell well, with prices from £975.

Garbolino boss Darren Cox said: “They’re built on the highest quality 900Gpa carbon-fibre available to the industry and a hybridised mandrel configuration, taking the best of everything we have learned over many years.

“They’re poles which have the strength, rigidity, balance and durability to fish with total confidence knowing they are up for the job, wherever you are fishing!” added  Darren.


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