The National Crucian Conservation Project (NCCP) group, launched  in 2014 following widespread concerns about the loss of crucian habitat and the threat to the species through hybridisation caused by inappropriate stocking practices.

The NCCP has produced a second video aimed at encouraging angling clubs and fishery owners to create crucian friendly waters in order to protect the species and encourage anglers to take up fishing for this delightful species.

Click below to watch the new National Crucian Conservation Project video



The video –  “Creating Record Breaking Crucian Fisheries” – was launched this week and begins at Godalming Angling Society’s famous Johnson’s Lake, the home of the current British record crucian.

It goes on to feature work by both Newbury Angling Association and Christchurch AC who are creating their own crucian fisheries at Warwick’s Water in Thatcham and Holtwood Ponds in Dorset.

The video, which includes some angling action from the Marsh Farm day ticket fishery, was produced and presented by Angling Trust Campaign Chief Martin Salter and filmed by John Sutton of Clearwater Photography.

As well as catching some lovely fish for the camera Martin Salter explains how clubs and fishery owners can create their own successful and popular crucian fisheries. Martin reveals that Godalming AS took over £20,000 in day ticket sales last year at their Marsh Farm complex in Surrey.

Crucians under threat

Martin Salter said: “Crucians are under threat due to predation, loss of habitat and through hybridisation with other species. This is why the National Crucian Conservation Project – the brainchild of angling artist Chris Turnbull – was established with the support of both the ourselves at the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency.

“We hope this short film will inspire others to begin restoring crucian habitat which will help create a national network of bespoke and popular crucian fisheries.

“All record breaking crucian fisheries have to start somewhere which is why our video begins at the famous Johnson’s Lake in Surrey from where the stock was taken to create the amazingly successful Marsh Farm fishery – a place that has earned over £20,000 in day ticket sales last year. This just goes to show how popular and profitable crucian fishing can be.”


Works to create new crucian waters

Angling Artist and NCCP founder Chris Turnbull said: “It’s really uplifting to see how enthusiastically some angling clubs and fishery owners are responding to our call for more crucian waters. It seems that at last the message is getting though that neglected species like crucians offer a wonderful alternative to stocking king carp everywhere!”

Peter Rolfe, author of the crucian bible “Crock of Gold” added: “I’ve always believed that it is through angling that the crucian (Carassius carassius) will be saved from extinction in the UK.

“It is so satisfying to see this coming true, through the efforts of the Angling Trust, the Environment Agency and so many committed individuals.  Together we can ensure that this super fish’s future will bring back some of the traditional skills in angling and pleasures that we have been in danger of losing.”

David Marshall, Secretary of Newbury Angling Association said: “We at NAA are very pleased to be supporting the crucian project and excited that the real work has finally started after several months of obtaining permits to drain down the lake, to move the fish and obtaining health checks.

“With considerable help from the EA our Warwick’s Water has been drained and the existing fish moved to other lakes we own. The next step is to introduce some lilies into the lake and allow the lake to settle prior to the introduction of the crucians later this year.

“Upon completion we believe we will have a water which will be the envy of many clubs and a valuable asset for our members.”

I love using a centrepin reel in close as it gives so much better control than any other reel due to the fact you use your fingers as a clutch, rather than relying on something mechanical.

Catch A Crucian weekend set for 2016

The Association of Crucian Anglers and the National Crucian Conservation Project plan  a ‘Catch a Crucian Weekend’ in 2016 to create awareness of crucians as a species, to encourage crucian fishing and to promote fisheries where true strains of crucians can be found.

There will be a number of prize categories designed to maximise participation including best fish by junior angler, best photo, best first ever crucian, best family fishing shot and largest crucian caught.

The event will be held on June 4 and 5 2016, with the backing of the Angling Trust and the NCCP. It is hoped it will become an annual event. Venue is Godalming Angling Society’s impressive Marsh Farm fishery in Surrey.

What is the National Crucian Conservation Project?

Objectives of NCCP

  • Promote the conservation of the species and its habitat
  • Encourage the development of well managed crucian fisheries

Benefits of NCCP

  • Improved understanding and protection of ‘wild’ or ‘pure’ crucian stocks
  • Habitat restoration; creation of ‘community waters’
  • More angling opportunities and increased resources for young anglers
  • Better sharing of information on lake and pond conservation.

Plans of NCCP

  • A regional network of growing on centres to increase the availability of wild crucian stocks to compliment increased crucian stockings
  • A ‘pure’ crucian accreditation scheme
  • Factsheets on creating and managing waters, avoiding hybridisation and a crucian ID guide
  • Courses or events for fishery owners and managers


Click below to watch the first National Crucian Conservation Project video