ANGLER’S MAIL magazine isn’t just a winner in print every week, it now has well over 13,000 fans on Facebook.

And with a lively mix of updates, feedback, pictures and competitions it’s no surprise that anglers are becoming fans every day!

This weekend’s competition has a record 50 yes FIFTY, prizes up for grabs!! Join the Angler’s Mail page now by clicking HERE.

Each winner will get a personalised 11oz ceramic mug printed with the winner’s chosen/supplied photo on it.

Prizes are thanks to The Print Biz, producers of personalised products and printed gifts. With Christmas coming you’ll find bright ideas to impress someone in your family, or friends, at their website

How heavy is the fish? That's what Angler's Mail magazine fans on Facebook are guessing.

In this competition you have to guess the WEIGHT of the fish pictured on the mug (below). Guesses must be done under the photo on the Angler’s Mail Facebook page, not here on our website.