THE 2011 Angling World Championships in Italy promised to be one of the best match events ever… and it didn’t disappoint.

If you missed the big two match events, you can now watch the action all on DVD!

Packed with exclusive interviews and action shots, the DVDs produced by Champions-team and present these prestigious events in a format unlike anything before. It’s a unique record of one of this century’s greatest angling tournaments.

Angler’s Mail gathers there will also be some great deals offered at The Big One show on March 10/11th, in Farnborough, Hampshire. And the videos are also available by the links below.

Here is an overview of what the two DVDs cover…


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AFTER their disastrous home defeat at Spinadesco in 2008, Italy HAD to win this one, anything else was not an option!

However, England were not the only team that they had to contend with on the fabulous Ostellato Canal… Hungary, Holland, and Belgium, in particular, were not here to make up the numbers!

Nearly 2.5 hours long, this DVD is the only one of its kind and is produced by match anglers for ALL anglers!

Inside this special DVD:

Analysis of the training days with bankside interviews from: Mark Downes, Ferruccio Gabba, Jan Van Schendel, Jean Desque, Steve Gardener, Dieter Friederichs and former World Champions Jacopo Falsini, William Raison and Guido Nullens.

There’s a special and exclusive double-interview with the new 2011 World Champion and Bronze medallist. Also a not-to-be-missed retrospective and candid analysis of England’s performance by Steve Gardener.


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2011 also saw the first Feeder World Championships, bring together some of the planet’s finest individuals to test their skills on the River Tevere (also known as Rome’s famous River Tiber), in Perugia, central Italy.

Although it didn’t turn out to be the most tactical of events, it did show that sticking to the basics could produce unexpected results… from some unexpected quarters!

So who were the favourites in this gathering of anglers, who have never previously met under international circumstances? England, Holland, Belgium, and even Germany, must have been at the top of everyone’s checklist.

But could we be forgetting anyone else? With five of the 16 participating Nations coming from the old eastern-bloc Europe, could we be overlooking them? After all, feeder fishing, in some form or another, has been practised for generations in these emerging countries.

This DVD picks up the action from the last training session and covers the two competition days.

With interviews from the English and Dutch managers, Tommy Pickering and Dirk Ekkelenkamp as well as their Ukrainian counterpart. Look exclusively at the rigs used by England’s top rod, Steve Ringer (pictured here with one of his catches), and the distinctive Dutch set up. See how both teams approached this event with completely tactics.

With this new discipline came the many new rules and regulations, most of which we cover, including the scandal which marred them. Although it didn’t prove to be England’s finest hour, the forthcoming 2012 event in Ghent, Belgium, promises to put things right!

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