Mr Crabtree and Peter - as they were. A new TV series will go in their footsteps...

ANGLER’S MAIL magazine this week presents a special update on the exciting new Mr Crabtree TV project, and profiles the winners for a place as “Peter.”

The Search For Peter has captured the public’s imagination, as explained in the magazine. The makers even have their own website Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing.

And here for you, online, Angler’s Mail brings you trial videos of the winning youngsters.

The videos you can watch below were self-made, not by professionals, and were submitted by short-listed candidates as one part of the Search For Peter process.





Record-smashing bream and lots more in this week's exciting big value Angler's Mail magazine.

Keep an eye on Angler’s Mail magazine for further updates, including exclusive comments from John Bailey, our weekly columnist, who will be the star angler in the Crabtree tribute shows

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