AMTVNewlargeTHIS week’s Angler’s Mail magazine brings you the very latest on what angling is on TV, including a comeback for Matt Hayes with an exciting new series.

24 Hour Rod Race Season 2 is six one-hour specials that sees Hayes presented with a a series of tough tasks to complete against the clock.

The seconds start ticking the moment he’s texted the fishing challenge by angling journalist, Rich Lee.

He’s then got to race around the country and form a plan that will help him land the key fish species and sizes.

This year’s main carp episode features top German lady angler Babs Kijewski – a women who already has significant following on social media and it is Matt’s plan to roll out the partnership with a new series across Europe.

Matt told Angler’s Mail: “The making of the show was as tough as it’s ever been as we were faced with some dreadful conditions – there were times it was so cold I didn’t think I could carry on. But that’s what Rod Race is all about – pushing yourself to the limit and trying to make tactical judgements.

“The series has also provided a platform for people to meet Babs, an angler who has a fresh, fun, family outlook to fishing. Since the show was filmed Babs has worked hard on her English and now has great communication skills. I really believe that by working together we can introduce the sport to lots of new people and remove many of the barriers. This new venture could be very important.”

Rod Race Season 2 sees Matt catch big roach on the Test; estate lake carp; grayling on the Dove; barbel, chub and trout on the Wye valley; predators from canals; and a whole range of species in a special fly rod challenge.

The first show is screened on Discovery Shed, on Friday September 13, at 10pm.

Click below and via the wonders of AMTV you can watch the official series trailer video.




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