Stu Walker shows one of the giant tigerfish he caught in Zambia. Video below!

WANT TO catch giants like this in Africa? Read the latest Angler’s Mail magazine – but first, you’d best watch the video below, via the wonders of AMTV.

Recently seen on Sky TV, Bob Roberts and Stu Walker have enjoyed a tiger fishing trip in Zambia.

After putting together the story for the latest Angler’s Mail magazine, we heard well-travelled Stu was sat on a chartered plane at Gatwick waiting to fly out to Algeria to do a job for BP.

The plane was due to bring home a number of those unfortunate folk who were taken hostage by the rebels. Needless to say his trip was cancelled.


Click the video below

The 15-minute clip of Stu and Bob’s exciting Zambia fishing trip is a cracker. And also check out Bob’s website.





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