BRITAIN’S living biggest day ticket carp has been out at a new high, 57 lb 14 oz.

With several giants having died in recent years, it’s a fish to watch!

Here is the full story as told to Angler’s Mail… in the latest captor, Ben Hewer’s own words.

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Ben Hewer admires the mighty 57 lb 14 oz mirror carp.

“MYSELF and friends Paul Field, Ollie Webb and brothers Barry and Tony James exclusively booked the North Lake down at Elphicks for five days.

We chose our swims and I had open water with Fieldy on my right, fishing left of the island and in front. So as not to have too much bait spread out, we fished two rods in the same local area with a heavily baited approach and one roaming rod.

I chose to feed an area at 50 yards with a depth of 5ft with a upcoming slope to 4ft on my left which I thought would be a good patrol route.

I baited up a area of 20 square feet, placing two marked up rods both on the spot, Fieldy aiming a little towards the island but more spread out. The bait consisted of 60 balls of pellet with mixed particle and 2kg of Mainline Cell 15 mm, all catapulted out at 6pm.

The weather was glorious but not so good for fishing. Fish were basking down one end of the lake with a few showing to the far margins where I put my roamer rod fishing pop-ups on a 360 rig.

Ben fished the North Lake at Elphicks, the bottom one in this picture. For the best venues coverage, including Where to Fish This Weekend, read Angler's Mail every week.

Sunday night and nothing to show for any of us. By Monday afternoon I snatched a 12 lb common from the pop up and Barry smashed his PB of 18 lb with a chunky mirror of 34 lb 11 oz.

To be worried I had overfed the swim was the opposite of what I have heard about Elphicks… so blamed the weather for the the lack of action from the baited area as I fed another 60 balls and 2kgs of Cell before dark.

Monday night and at last a fish off the spot in the shape of a 21 lb 4 oz linear. Meanwhile Tony had two 28-pounders, adding PBs twice to his CV, the biggest of the two 28lb 13oz. My night was finished of by a 33 lb 10 oz and went quiet after 4.30 am.

Tuesday and it was sunny, relaxing in the day, to fish between 12 and 4am, confident I had sussed the fish! I upped the bait as I saw a cat tail breach the baited area and was concerned I was getting hoovered up by the early morning. I started to spod particle mix (10kg) with the pellet and the Cell staying the same, and on time around midnight a 29 lb mirror fell to twin Cell. Fieldy does his PB with a 31lb 3 oz common just after.

Then as we both got to sleep an almighty run from my rods left me in a panic as I tried to unzip the blasted bivvy. All the runs up to this point were “riggy” but this was a beauty.

The fish ran 25 to 30 yards towards a snag and I began bullyboy tactics to tease it towards the open water, it was heavy but came in relatively easy towards the bank. It then started to make ten-yard runs and picked up my second slack line so I put a little on the fish to get it up – but it was ‘avin none of it!

Finally Fieldy was ready to net it, and she was in. We both had flashbacks from France where you try and lift the net out of the water and it’s too heavy! Giggles broke out and as she lay on the bank I was in denial it was the big girl.

I am quite understated but knew it was big, and the 40 I was hoping for. As the Reubens went round past 40 then bouncing at 60 we both shouted “it’s her!”

The scales settled at her biggest size of 57 lb 14 oz, a new lake record and of course my English PB – which was held by a respectable 35 lb Yateley mirror.

She swam back strong after a little reviving, as she likes to burn herself out, but behaved on the mat which helped get her back in quickly.

Morning came and we were all buzzing from seeing the biggest day ticket carp in the UK.

To cap it all, Ollie across the lake had done his PB of low 20 lb to a 26 lb common. So that’s five mates all breaking their PBs… and the biggest in the lake!”


57 lb 14 oz carp by Ben Hewer

Occupation: Red Bull Racing formula 1 team composite assembler.

Age and home town: 33 from Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Rod: custom-made Torrix TE by Vic Gibson.

Reel: Daiwa Basia QDX.

Line: 12lb Ultima Carp.

Rig: 3.5 in. hinged, stiff Hybrid hooklink, size 6 Nash Twister barbless, lead clip set up with kwik link.

Hook bait: double 15mm Mainline Cell.

Feed: 20kg of mixed pellets, 10kg of Mainline Cell, 10kg chilli hemp, 15kg of maize,10kg of barley and oat mix over five days. Thanks to Giles at NSA Baits, for delivering bait to the lake!

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