CINEMA blockbuster Salmon Fishing in The Yemen used the HQ of Britain's top fishing magazine, Angler's Mail, for some of its filming. And the magazine's front cover makes a cameo appearance!

The feelgood film was released in UK cinemas to popular acclaim on April 20, 2012. It finally airs in its freeview TV premiere on BBC2 at 8pm on Sunday, December 21, 2014.

The movie features popular Scottish actor Ewan McGregor as a fisheries expert and academic.

Without spoiling the plot for you, McGregor’s character gets involved in the development of angling in the Middle East. He also falls hook, line and sinker into a romance – helping make this a production for all kinds of movie fans, certainly not any kind of specialist fishing film.

This bit of Ewan McGregor’s film was not shot at Angler’s Mail HQ…


As one of the key UK locations, Salmon Fishing in The Yemen’s film-makers chose the stunningly modern HQ of IPC Media (now Time Inc UK). Called The Blue Fin Building, it’s near the south bank of the Rivert Thames in central London.

And it’s there, on one of the glass building’s floors, that Angler’s Mail magazine is created every week by a small team (most of whom fish regularly) with input from a whole team of talented contributors based around the country.

If you watched the film, or catch it when its aired on BBC TV, look carefully and you’ll see a brief cameo appearance for an Angler’s Mail front cover. Was it a genuine AM magazine front cover though? You decide!


…but this bit WAS at Mail HQ. As you can see, the makers of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen took over large chunks of the building, where Angler’s Mail and many other top publications and websites are produced.

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight said: ‘It was an honour for all of us working here to be connected with what proved to be one of the British cinema hits of the year.

‘Some of us Angler’s Mail staff took our other halves to watch Salmon Fishing in The Yemen as soon as it came out.

“Personally, as films go, I’d score it 3/5 – it’s highly watchable, if a bit far fetched. But anything  connected to angling that’s positive, taken to the wider audience, has to be a good thing.

‘Around the time this film was made the Mail had  a closer involvement in another cinema film that’s still in the making, but I can’t say much on that yet!’


Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is shown on BBC2 TV in the UK on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 8pm. The BBC broadcast is the film’s UK freeview premiere. Search  for it on the BBC iPlayer to watch again at a later time of your choice for a limited period.


Watch the official trailer for this film below