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But before you do dip in, we’ve selected ten of the best videos (below) from 2012.

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If you like Jeremy Wade, you’ll love this extended interview with the River Monsters star. Angler’s Mail caught up with him at a special cinema screening.




We’ve revealed some awesome new Drennan catapults in our latest magazine, but this MONSTER ‘pult spotted by Korda’s James Armstrong at the 2012 World Carp Champs is something else!




Watch Roger Surgay – the most successful man in British tackle dealing, with a chain of shops, shows and own-brands. This interview was recorded shortly before he did a big deal with Sports Direct – he’s now working with them, so big things are expected next year.




Launched in the autumn, The Crave is the new bait by Dynamite, developed with Terry Hearn. If you want to find out what Tel thinks makes a great bait, watch this!




The next big thing in rigs, here’s a teaser for Lynx, who launched this year. This exciting new firm, with some top men on board, is aiming to shift a lot of their “no knots, no crimps” products.




The Big One tackle show was a belter back in February, and the build up starts now for the giant two-day 2013 event. Join our junior video bloggers Carl and Alex for this look around.




Making PVA bags is a doddle with the loader launched by Fox back in the spring. Here one of our men got an exclusive look at the device in action. It’s quick!




Quest for a 20 lb was a superb trilogy by Angler’s Mail juniors Carl and Alex. See all three parts below…