It's coming! The website is live, but will be developing as Club Korum enters its launch phase.

TOP coarse fishing tackle brand, Korum, is pushing ahead with some exciting plans including its Club Korum sub-brand.

Adam Firth and others are gearing up for the launch of Club Korum.

Club Korum is expected to bring lots more people into the sport, and the team behind it has just added a key media man in the shape of Adam Firth (pictured).

Not only will he work on marketing but he’ll play a key role in the Club Korum sub-brand, which will be launching Starter Fishing Kits this summer, as part of the brand’s “I Heart Fishing” campaign to get more new anglers into the sport.
Korum brand manager Mat Woods explained: ‘Club Korum is more than just fishing tackle, it’s something for new anglers to become a part of and develop with. The website is currently under development and will be a one-stop hub for novice anglers, providing great content that can really improve their fishing skills and awareness.
‘It’s an exciting time,’ adds Mat. ‘With Adam on board we can be even more pro-active and help take Korum forward. Further tackle developments for 2012 and beyond are already well under way, so keep your eyes peeled on Angler’s Mail for all the latest news!’
• For further details on Korum and Club Korum, visit: www.korum.co.uk or www.clubkorum.co.uk
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