A true life tale from carp fanatic

Martin Marsh…

It was the day after my wedding, it couldn’t have gone any better and everybody enjoyed themselves. My wife had organised nearly all of it and what a wonderful event, we will never forget it. Our little angel looked stunning too. Anyway, you don’t want to read too much about this.
We came down for breakfast the next morning and had assumed that the hotel had been empty other than the few rooms we had used along with our family members. However, this was not the case…
I was sitting having breakfast with my wife, daughter, mother and sister when the couple walked in for their breakfast. I had to quickly tell my sister to put all of the fruit juice and milk jugs back on the serving table as we had selfishly based them all on ours.
As I sat there I noticed from the side he looked very much a like somebody off of the TV but I thought that it couldn’t be. Although he looked like him, he sounded like him and he was wearing olive coloured combat trousers… could it be?
My eyesight is not great without my glasses and they were at the opposite end of the room, so I tried to carry on with my breakfast and engage in conversation but I found this difficult, I also didn’t want to disturb the couple if it was or was not who I thought.
As luck would have it the table was not set for dining and therefore they moved to the table next to ours, and I was facing them, wellthat was it, I could clearly see it was the man himself, the legend and the man with my dream job… Mr Adam Penning!
My mother could see that I had lost total interest in our breakfast and the conversation as I kept looking through her at him, I was in disbelief and considered the notion that my wife had set it up as a wedding present for me and that I was about to go on a tutorial with him, that was unfortunately not the case.
We were nearing the end of our breakfast and Mr Penning was in the middle of eating his, so I stayed back with my mother whilst my wife and daughter went back up to the room.
At last……a chance to speak to him, Mr Penning got up for more fruit juice, I seized my opportunity and tried to be as polite as possible by asking,
“Mr Penning, sorry to disturb your breakfast, but could I have my picture taken with you?”
I should think that Adam has this done on a regular basis and is used to it in some way and knows that it could only be an angler whowould make such as request over Sunday breakfast in a hotel.
Adam kindly obliged and said,“You’re never a carp angler?”
We had the picture taken (above), and then had a very lovely conversation about fishing, where I fish, a little about his fishing and why he was in the area.
He was a thoroughly nice bloke and just that brief meeting has spurred me on to fishing hard and setting my sights higher than just fishing now and again in my local lake but to go further afield and really increase my skills and knowledge. I have asked if Adam could give me a tutorial or just a socal fishing session, but understandably he is a busy man, but my fingers are crossed.
I said that he should of come over to the wedding reception the night before and he would have had a free bar as there were a couple of other carp anglers present who would of bought him & his partner drinks all night, but to be honest it may not of been wise as they would not of left him alone. He also didn’t fancy gate crashing a wedding and possibly getting turfed out.
We could of made it a double celebration as he later told me via twitter that it was his birthday on the Saturday too, this will make iteasy for me to remember my wedding anniversary, as it is Mr Penning’s birthday or is it the other way around??? Better not let the wife read this blog.
Anyway, my next blog will be back about my fishing sessions but I thought it would be nice to write this report up and it made our wedding that little bit more perfect, if that were at all possible.
Many thanks to Adam for being such a nice guy, so down to earth and humouring me in my star struck state. It has made the wife a lot happier about me going fishing too….

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