Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Sticky Baits Manilla...

NAMED after a pure Madagascan vanilla extract, Sticky Baits Manila is based on a peanut protein, never used before in the bait industry.

With some of the fats removed and a combination of blended milk proteins and birdfoods added with an ‘exceptional track record’, it’s resulted in a bait range that is out there and catching a lot of fish.

There’s 12, 16 and 20 mm boilies in frozen and shelf-life. Carefully coated pellets too designed to leave an attractive dense cloud around your baited area. There’s a Manilla Active Mix for sticks and groundbait.

There are also 12 and 16 mm Manilla Dumbells, Pop-ups, Wafters, and striking White Ones and Yellow Ones pop-ups for grabbing a carp’s attention.

Sticky have added a Manilla Paste, a thick and sticky Manilla Glug, plus Cloudy Manilla liquid for boosting PVA mixes and spod mixes, or pellets for ‘balling in’. Not to mention Tuff Hookbaits, a Base Mix with Liquids, a Hookbait Kit and a Bait Spray.

This range from Sticky Baits has been catching plenty even in the lowering water temperatures, which is very promising.

Prices: Boilies from £11.99 a kilo, and £44.99 5 kg. Pellets £4.99 – 900 g, £12.50 – 5 kg. Pop-ups, Dumbbells, Wafters £6.50 a pot. Cloudy Liquid £8.99. Glug £8.99. Spray £4.99. Paste £6.50.