Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Sonik S3 Specialist Rods ...


MAKING deeper inroads into the coarse market, Sonik released this specialist rod range and it covers a lot of fishing.

There’s two 12 ft Twin Tips – a 1.75 lb and a more powerful 2.25 lb test curve design which come with a standard Avon top as well as three push-in quivers.

They’ll handle straight bomb and feeder work on rivers and stillwaters.

The pick for me would be the S3 Specialist Tri-Tip that sounds really versatile with 1.5 lb, 1.75 lb and 2 lb rated Avon tops – three rods in one covering everything from touch legering with a freelined bait   to heavy feeder and PVA work to floater fishing.

There’s also the S3 Specialist with a single 1.5 lb top that sounds a useful choice for tench and bream and lively carp on lighter gear.

Whether it’s carp, tench, bream, barbel, big chub, even a bit of zandering you could reach for these rods to do battle. And enjoy it with their progressive actions, but the power in reserve for when you need it.

They come with full cork handles with an EVA screw down top section, and low profile SIC lined guides.

Price: £99.99-£129.99.