ANGLER’S MAIL magazine has helped launch the Search For Peter, to help select youngsters who will appear in the second series of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree.

The shows will star John Bailey, the Angler’s Mail magazine columnist, and will be shown on Quest TV.

Full details appear in the magazine, as the search launches officially on May 21. The makers say  this time they will be setting some new and greater challenges.

The Quest for ‘Peter’ will kick off with a very simple question – “What’s your Crabtree Quest?”

To enter, visit the official Mr Crabtree website (click here), where you can also purchase exclusive merchandise. But first read the details below….


The Quest for ‘Peter’ – Entry Conditions 

1. ‘Peter’ can be a Girl or a Boy

2. ‘Peter’ needs to be aged between 8 and 14

3. ‘Peter’ will most likely have fished already but doesn’t have to be an accomplished angler

4. ‘Peter’ will be expected to adhere to certain standards of behaviour – we are looking for a role model for other children, someone who can help us uphold and preserve the Crabtree values



(Thanks to programme makers Toast Entertainment Group for the answers)

Q: Do I have to tell my parents?

A: Absolutely – you need permission from a parent or legal guardian and they’ll have to read the terms and conditions and complete a section of the entry form so make sure you talk to them first.

Q: What happens after I enter?

A: You’ll receive an email confirming that your details have been logged and telling you what happens next. The web entry closes on the Glorious 16th and Team Crabtree will be hard at work after that date shortlisting all the entries.

Q: If I’m shortlisted, then what?

A: All of the shortlisted applicants will receive email instructions on the next stage – it’s like a secret mission!

Q: So if I don’t hear anything, that means I haven’t got through?

A: We’re afraid so – unfortunately it’s going to be impossible for us to contact everyone individually as planning for filming and so on takes up so much of our time. But you can stay in touch with us via the website, our newsletter and Facebook and Twitter (if you’re old enough).

Q: I was shortlisted in the first Search for ‘Peter’ – can I enter again?

A: Yes of course you can. Other than the ‘Peters’ who appeared in the series, everyone can apply and everyone stands the same chance of winning.

Q: Who will be making the final decision about the winners?

A: There’s going to be a panel of judges making that really tough decision – more details coming soon.


Follow Mr Crabtree in Angler’s Mail magazine – where the TV show’s John Bailey writes a weekly column to improve your fishing skills.

New Mr Crabtree TV timeline

21st May – The Quest for ‘Peter’ launches

16th June – Entry closes at midnight

23rd June – Shortlist announced

30th June – Judging of finalists begins

10th July – Our ‘Peters’ are announced!

20th July – Filming begins


Entries are made only through the official website (click here).


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