COARSE anglers are being plagued by sea trout on a famous day ticket stretch – that is reported to be “polluted” with them.

Sea trout have arrived in huge numbers on the Hampshire Avon’s famous Royalty Fishery, and Angler’s Mail magazine readers were of course the first to find out.

Nigel Gray, owner of Davis Tackle which sells all the tickets for the stretch, reports that there are literally hundreds and they are being caught in numbers both by specialist game anglers and coarse fisherman after other species.

Christchurch-based Nigel told Angler’s Mail: “There are so many sea trout that one or two guys have described the river as ‘polluted’ by them.

“Anglers after silver fish tend to get smashed up by them, but those fishing with stronger gear for chub or barbel have been landing plenty. Fresh out of the sea, the fish put up a tremendous scrap.

“A fisherman recently caught 20 in the 2-3 lb class but large catches of sea trout up to 5 lb have come out to trotted maggot, or maggot or worm rolled over the gravel. The biggest of the season so far is 6 lb 4 oz.

“The sea trout should stay in the fishery until next month when they start to make their way upstream to spawn in the feeder streams of the New Forest,” he concluded.

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