ANGLER’S MAIL man Tim Knight was the only major UK magazine editor at the 2016 European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Amsterdam. Here he looks briefly at the Savage Gear Suicide Duck lures, sharing a video of the products.

THE first, and most eye-catching launch I picked up at EFTTEX – the new Suicide Duck – proved to be the mega winner.

Suicide Duck lures from Savage Gear will be available in the UK in the autumn, and I caught a glimpse of one online before heading to Amsterdam.

I still did not expect it to win a record three awards – Innovation of the Year, Visitors Choice and Best Hard Lure. It has since gone on to win the hotly-contested Best Hard Lure at the giant iCAST 2016 show in the USA.

The Suicide Duck is a new take on the topwater duckling style lure, that Americans will be far more aware of than us Brits.

The Suicide Duck lures in action

Cool dudes at Savage began by 3D-scanning a duck. Theirs has a long profile and its spinning feet throw off water in all directions.

Even on slow retrieve this is said to churn plenty of water, to call in predators, including pike and catfish.

There are two feather-covered trebles. In weedy conditions, remove the treble on the belly.

Have a look here at the Savage Gear Suicide Duck in action…

Mads – man behind the products

Mads Grosell, Savage Gear product manager,  is pictured below during the lure creation stages. As you can see, he paid close attention to real details!

Mads said: “Even as a child I was so fascinated with the ducklings being eaten by pike in our local lakes and I always wanted to make the perfect imitations of these terrestrial prey items!

“The project has been incredible and difficult at the same time – but the result is something amazing and simply so fun to fish with!!

“We can all just make another shad or wobbler – this time I really wanted to create something different!!”


The 3D Duck will be come in three patterns – natural, yellow and coot. Sizes are 10.5 cm (28 g) and 15 in (70g), retailing at £18.99 or £20.99.

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