Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the RidgeMonkey Bivvy-Lite Duo IR ...

THE original Bivvy-Lite’s from 2015 without a remote control proved very popular. RidgeMonkey then released one with a remote control – the ‘IR’ – infrared and they’ve sold even more than the originals.

Boasting a sealed construction with a rechargeable lithium battery, you recharge the light from a USB port, a cable is supplied, and once charged it offers up 120 hours of continuous use.

Boasting magnetic fittings, using the metal strip provided you can trap the Bivvy-Lite on the inside of your shelter, in any position. Or against anything else that is metal.

It comes with four settings – dim white, bright white, dim red and bright red.

On the red setting you’ll find you can see further, it also doesn’t attract so many insects.

It’s a compact and versatile light this and well recommended.

Price: £34.99.