The Daiwa Yank N Bank 9.5 m Power Margin Pole comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

ASSOCIATED with down the bank carp bagging on commercials, the new Yank N Bank Power Margin is for getting on top of those ‘kerb crawlers’ with elastic set-ups to 20-plus.

Designed with the reinforced wall strength you need for lively close-range battles, Daiwa’s Slide Easy finish and section alignment. It comes with a power top two fitted, and two spare power top two kits.

The power kits come with a 4 mm tip diameter (inside) and ‘pre-bore’ reinforcements where you want them for drilling and fitting a pulling kit.

A serious power margin pole for close range bagging work that won’t break the bank.

Price: £260.