CAUGHT A BIG FISH? We hope you have - and our magazine wants to see your fishing photos!


We want to see your fishing photos of big fish. So get them sent into us asap!

Sending the digital picture file by email to Angler’s Mail could see YOU star in the magazine’s hallowed pages (print and digital).

And you could become a winner of great prizes in our Korum Specimen Cup, Fox Carp Cup and Daiwa Top Rod contests.

EMAIL the pictures to our newsdesk using this address:

This is what we would like you to write on the email, to give us the information needed:

  • Your full name
  • Age and occupation
  • Type of fish and weight/s
  • How you caught your fish
  • Where you caught your fish
  • Tackle and bait used
  • Any other interesting details
  • Phone number (in case we need some more detail)
  • Your postal address (in case you win!)



GOOD LUCK – and keep an eye on Angler’s Mail magazine every week.


If you wish to telephone our newsdesk to report a good catch, ring news editor Thomas Petch on 01203 148 416 (weekdays, office hours). You can leave a message on that number out of hours.

Or for prize queries call Jacqueline Grant on our main office assistant number 0203 148 4159.


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