Andy Little, a legend of Angler's Mail magazine, shares some pointers on choosing the right controller float, like those pictured here, for presenting floating baits for carp...


A simple in-line bubble float is perfect for short range work and also if you want to drift your bait into position.

I find the less water you can get away with the more easily the rig will be carried by the wind into a potential hotspot.


For weedy swims and around lily pads I prefer an Exocet model which can be fished on a small lead safety clip.

By using it this way, in the event of the controller getting snagged can easily be automatically jettisoned to give you a better chance of landing the fish.

Andy Little in action with Dalek-shaped controller.

Andy Little in action with Dalek-shaped controller.


The newish ‘Dalek’ shaped job is brilliant for when you need to offer floating hook baits at long range to reach the carp.

It also has a unique design where the hook link comes off at right angles to the main line during the cast so it flies out helicopter-style which is less likely to allow the hook link to wrap around the main line.


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