Angler's Mail’s tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Navitas Weaves ...

I’VE always admired Mark Munson at Navitas’s efforts to bring a bit of ‘street’ into the angling world.

He’s done a good job with clothing, and now footwear you can wear on and off the bank. It’s practical gear too, as well as stylish.

As well as a LITE Insulated boot, Hiker Boot and Chest Waders for 2016 Navitas launched these Weaves.

A useful bivvy shoe, the heel designed to fold down flat so you can slip them on quickly to hit takes.

They’re comfortable as well as offering plenty of freedom for your foot. And they float – bonus.

What I was most surprised at is the price – under £25.

Price: £24.99.