THE new National School of Angling is seeking to branch out and get involved with fisheries all over the country, as reported in Angler’s Mail magazine.

They won’t just be working with any old venue or any person claiming to be fishing coach. They want to work with the best, so a list of Coaches Criteria has been laid down by Dave Smith, director of coaching at the main NSA site at Cudmore, Staffordshire.

Dave will be working to ensure the venues and especially the coaches are suitable for working under the NSA name, gaining the NSA’s support to develop and grow coaching in their local area.

The main contact for enquiries is:


  • All NSA coaches will be required to read and sign up to the NSA coaching policy and adhere to the NSA coaching guidelines and operations policy.
  • All NSA coaches will be recorded on the NSA database.
  • NSA Coaches that work independently either on or off the Cudmore site must hold a level 2 Angling coaching certificate and be registered with the sports governing body.
  • An onsite lead coach who is registered with the sports governing body must oversee any NSA event.
  • Lead coaches on any venue must complete all required paperwork prior to the commencement of any activity.
  • Venues will be required to provide evidence of insurance and public liability for the purpose of angling coaching.
  • Unlicensed level 2 coaches, coaching assistants, peer coaches and all volunteers will be responsible to the onsite lead coach who must at the time of the event be registered with the sports governing body.
  • Associates of the NSA are required to maintain a register of coaches and volunteers operating within the NSA coaching charter.
  • All completed paperwork must as required be submitted to the NSA coaching directorate and will remain the property of the NSA.