THE 2016 Nash DVD was launched to the instant acclaim of anglers in Britain and across Europe. To watch it right now, at your leisure, Angler's Mail is pleased to share it with you online - so click below, and enjoy!

The men behind the epic FOUR-HOUR 2016 Nash DVD said: “With more action, more venues, more countries, more tips, and most importantly more beautiful carp than ever before, Nash 2016 is simply our best yet.

“Presented as a series of short films, discover new bedchairs, the slick Scope Black-Ops range, great value Dwarf and H-Gun, high performance NR Toro rods and more.”

“Full length chapters come from Simon Crow recounting a year to remember on The Key®, Carl and Alex in the thick of the action as usual, Alan Blair fulfilling a dream as he visits the iconic Redmire Pool for floater adventures, and Jordan Dicks making winter fishing look easy.

“And last but not least we present the eagerly awaited feature-length EuroBanx 2. Join Alan Blair and Oli Davies reunited on an epic eight day road trip across Europe crossing seven countries and covering 3000 miles. Strap in and enjoy the ride!”


Angler’s Mail magazine has a special feature with Oli Davies – to help your carp fishing – in the magazine issue on sale Tuesday, March 15. Don’t miss it! And be sure to read our new Carp Crew section every week.

Nash also move into carp fisheries

On-screen carp angling entertainment is not the only big news from the Nash empire this spring, as Angler’s Mail magazine readers will already know. The company boss recently revealed fishery moves.

Copse and Church Lakes in Essex have been painstakingly and personally developed by Kevin Nash over 16 years and now hold probably the highest concentration of 40 and 50 lb carp of any fishery in the UK, topped by a pedigree UK 60-pounder.


Kevin Nash’s lakes in Essex open to the public this spring, as he proves the brand is not just about tackle and bait.

With access previously limited to personal invitation only and friends of Nash Tackle, the venues have been responsible for possibly more personal bests of high profile carpers than any other in the last decade.

“I’ve always considered the lakes as my place to study and research carp growth in fisheries which is one of my passions and I think we’ve made the point down there,” said Kevin who took a record brace of 50s with a 52 lb 2 oz common and a 51 lb 2 oz mirror on Riser Pellet within ten minutes of each on the Copse Lake in 2011. “There are more 50s in The Copse today than there are in most counties.

Portfolio of quality carp waters planned

“What has changed is my recognition that quality carp fisheries are not being developed in significant numbers and a lot of the ones out there are poorly run with no ability to create the right environment for carp or carp anglers – so we have started a Nash Fisheries portfolio,” Kevin explained.

“In terms of desirability The Copse has got to be the next Redmire…”

“The first step is opening a first class fishery at the new site in Royston, Cambridgeshire, and between this and digging and developing a new lake in Essex we have invested over £400,000,” he explained.

“To help continue to procure and develop fisheries The Church and Copse will be a revenue stream towards future acquisitions.”

Fishing on both venues will be on a limited numbers basis, with weekly bookings for five day Monday to Friday sessions run like carp holidays to France. The venues have 24 hour bailiffing, toilet facilities and an on site lodge with a kitchen, freezer and shower. Tackle and anglers will be carried via quad bike and trailer, both when arriving and if wishing to move swims.

Fishing is limited to April, then closing May and June for spawning, both venues opening again July to November. April sessions are being auctioned.

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