TOP holiday complex Stafford Moor has produced a stunning 8 lb 12 oz eel.

Though hugely significant for Allan Jump’s catch throws up the question that another eel, weighing in at 10 lb 8 oz caught by a carp angler a week earlier at the Devon complex, could well be legit.

Barnstaple, Devon-based Allan was fishing the quality mixed fishery when his roach deadbait was snaffled by the super snake. His tackle involved a John Sidley rig and a swimfeeder filled with foam soaked in mackerel oil.

The 50-year-old National Anguilla Club member told the Mail: ‘I knew there had been 6s in the past but didn’t imagine for one moment that I would catch such a marvellous fish.’

The eel record is 11 lb 2 oz – read about more record on the British record fish list.

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