A MONSTER catfish scaling around 200 lb has been landed - and is reckoned to be one of the heaviest freshwater fish caught by a lady angler!


Babs Kijewski 249cm Wels (1)[1]

Babs Kijewski gets into the River Rhone to display her 249cm catfish.

The maritime area of the Petit Rhône in southern France was the setting for experienced big fish hunter Babs Kijewski’s new catfish personal best of 2.49 metres.

Her monster, based upon measurements of weighed catches, is estimated to be around 200 lb.

The days beforehand featured heavy winds and storms followed by swarms of mosquitoes, which made for very challenging fishing.

Thousands of mullet had entered the river with the inflowing salt water. So it was no surprise that Babs’ chosen bait was a mullet, presented tight to the bank near a large overhanging tree a long way upstream.

Fortunately, when the magic moment came, Babs was using  a strong leader because, at one point during the 25-minute fight, the fish lodged itself firmly against an obstacle in the middle of the river.

Babs Kijewski 249cm Wels (2)[1]

This giant catfish is one of the biggest freshwater fish ever to be landed by a lady.

Cologne, Germany-based Babs Kijewski is a sponsored angler for the Black Cat brand but has also caught many other huge fish of many other species.

Below are a few of her impressive catches – a taimen, perch and pike…




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