Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Middy Xtreme M2 Pole...

IF YOU follow our successful On The Bank series you might have seen Middy’s Pete Upperton giving kerb-crawling carp the ‘heave ho’ using his Middy Xtreme M2 margin pole.

I’ve never seen a pole bend as much as when Pete was turning quality carp away from some steel rod snags. Yet he did it time and time again with this sub £300 10-metre animal carp pole.

It comes with a super-tough parabolic action and a monster 30-elastic rating.

In the Xtreme M2 package you get a Power 22 3-kit in the pole plus a Power 30 2-kit, a 8.5/10 m 2–Portal reversible mini-butt, a 30-strong full Hi-Viz hollow elastication set and a pole carry case.

All the kits feature what Middy are calling their Pull-It reinforcement, you’ll find Pull-It wrap on the pole’s 3rd and 4th sections to help take the strain.

Billed as ‘the strongest pole in the world’ and the middle one in a family of three Xtreme poles.

It weighs in at 699 g – and there’s no doubt it can deliver.

The other poles are a 4 m M1 margin pole and a 11.5 or 13 m M3.

Price: £299.99.