EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from  Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to the Angling Trust crew, who will be part of our new blog team. Their first blog was written by Mark Lloyd, the chief executive.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…



The Angling Trust – the sport’s governing body – are anglers themselves and have jumped at the chance to be part of the wide mix of bloggers here on the Angler’s Mail website.



ONE of the few frustrating things about working at the Angling Trust is knowing that most anglers have no idea about most of the things that our staff and volunteers do each week to protect and promote fish and fishing.

We’re so busy that it’s often difficult to take the time to get our message out.  This blog aims to help put that right by giving you an informal update from your representative body. If you like what you read, please join our growing membership.  If you don’t, let us know why not.

Mike Heylin gets his point across at the Angling Trust AGM’s “top table”. Mark Lloyd, who wrote this blog, is on the right.

We had our AGM on Saturday morning, which was a chance to tell members what we’ve been up to over the past year, and to report on the accounts.

It was great to be able to report a 30% growth in income from membership, donations and grants and another annual surplus.

Since the financial difficulties in the few months after our launch, we have made steady progress building a fighting fund to protect the organisation for the future.

In the afternoon, we had a meeting with members about the National Angling Participation Plan we are writing this summer.

We’re getting lots of organisations involved in the plan, which will help us raise money to support more projects to get people into fishing in the future.  As part of this process, we’ve been commissioned by the Environment Agency to carry out a National Angling Survey.

This is a unique chance for anglers to let the Environment Agency and the Trust know what is important to you and what you want us to do on your behalf.  Please take part – it takes less than 10 minutes and will help protect angling for many years to come.  Click HERE to take part.

On the campaigns front, Martin Salter and Mark Owen have been doing some sterling work taking forward our case to have cormorants added to the general licence to enable angling clubs and fishery managers to better protect our wild fish stocks from these lethal predators.

Inevitably the RSPB are kicking up a fuss but it will be interesting to hear them try and explain why they think it’s ok to shoot beautiful birds like jays and magpies because they take the eggs of some of their more favoured ground nesting species but don’t want to extend the same protection to fish.

I’m also looking forward to seeing if they can name one single advantage to the natural environment of a fourteen fold increase in cormorant numbers since the 1980s besides a load of dead trees covered guano and several tonnes of dead fish!

We are supported in our work by all the major angling and fishery organisations and our campaign has been enhanced by the involvement of veteran film maker Hugh Miles and the Avon Roach Project’s Trevor Harrop and Budgie Price.

These guys are trying to make up for the appalling damage done by cormorants to the once famous roach stocks of the Hampshire Avon and Hugh has produced a beautiful film to help get our case across.

We’ll be sending all our members details of how to get involved in our cormorant campaign over the summer. We’re hoping for a decision in November, but we’ll need your help to get what we all want.

Martin Salter, national campaigns coordinator, was chuffed to bits when he caught this small barbel, despite catching big ‘uns the same day. He joins Angler’s Mail star Gary Newman in a successful feature in our next magazine – don’t miss it!

We are all avid anglers here at the Trust and it was great to see our membership manager Will Smith featured in the Mail on his small stream chub hunt on the beautiful River Lugg which runs close to our Leominster office.

Martin Salter is a real Wye enthusiast and recently landed his first salmon from the river. Last week he had an enjoyable day down near Ross and winkled out eight lovely barbel in five feet of floodwater. Martin was more excited with his one mini barbus of 24 oz than with the hard fighting eight and nine-pounders. ‘This how a proper river should look’ he told me…’healthy fish stocks in all year classes, not just a few old warriors waiting to die with nowt coming on behind.’


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