EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from  Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to Carl and Alex Smith, who will be part of our new blog line-up. Two of the keenest youngsters we’ve come across, with a keen passion for making a variety of fishing videos, they’ll provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

The lads, aged 16 and 12, are familiar faces to Mail magazine readers for their weekly tips, and also their regular video diaries. The videos will in future be available to view within the new blog here on the Mail’s website.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…

Brothers Carl (left) & Alex – seen here enjoying a trip to a major angling show – will be the youngest bloggers. Their videos and promise has impressed seniors, and netted support from brands 30Plus, Middy and Peg One.



OUR names are Carl and Alex Smith and we have been fishing for roughly six years now. Over that time we have tried our hand at pleasure fishing, match fishing and more recently specimen hunting.

Unlike some anglers we have not found a single branch of the sport that we like most so we continue to do a bit of everything, as you will learn in our upcoming blogs!

We love fishing locally after school and at weekends, but you can’t beat a trip away. Alex’s big barbel was a highlight during a family trip to the River Wye.

At first, bait was the most interesting thing to us and we tried making all sorts of pellets, boilies and of course spent anawful lot of time digging up worms before heading off to the local pond.

One fond memory is using groundbait for the first time. We bought a bag of halibut flavour groundbait and mixed in loads of water, far too much water it seemed as the bait went all gloopy and awful.

After watching a DVD where Will Raison tossed out big round balls of groundbait we grabbed our mix and went down to the bottom of the garden and started cooking the sloppy mix on a campfire to harden it up into balls. As you can imagine the balls ended up burning, then disintegrating into the fire! We then went on YouTube and found a video of Bob Nudd showing how to mix groundbait properly!

It was these sorts of videos on YouTube that made us want to try and make our own so we started in March 2010 and that is when we decided to spend more time learning how to fish properly.

A chunky common carp for Carl during one of a trip to a local day ticket fishery.

We leant everything we know from magazines like the Angler’s Mail, websites such as YouTube and the Maggot Drowning Forum, as neither of our parents fish and nor does anyone else in our family except for our uncle who enjoys spear fishing.

But that is enough about the past, lets move on to the present! We have our YouTube channel,  where we regularly post our fishing videos about all sorts of species and venues. We run our our website –  a simple one where we display our catches, tactics and photos as well as having our blog and articles. We also have a Facebook page where we post news about what we are up to as well as being a place where people can ask questions and post photos.

Join us every week here with a fresh “Carl & Alex” blog, after the new Angler’s Mail blog section is fully live (July 30 onwards). We’ll let your share our experiences, and share our videos here. Until the first “proper” blog, below are a couple of our recent videos…


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