Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Maver S4 Z-frame Seat Box ...

I KNOW Maver were inundated with requests for their S4 Z-frame box, with demand outstripping supply more than once.

Was it because this one’s a four-leg system and not six-legged? So you’ve got more space to move around, not to mention the obvious weight saving.

Maver have made it from aircraft grade aluminium again to save on weight.

The free flow industrial strength footplate and 30 mm round telescopic leg system throughout and fully adjustable mud feet all help add important stability.

Available in four colours and three different drawer configurations. Anglers have clearly been impressed with the package.

As well as a state of the art clip system allowing access to the box from the front and the back, as well as resisting damage if the until is dropped.

The box is supplied with a 40 mm stacking unit beneath the main frame, complete with a lid and handle.

The S4 Z-frame can also take an optional wheel kit or side footplate.

Accessories like a side tray, spray bar, keepnet arm and umbrella arm are available separately from Maver, who will be one the brands to watch in 2017.

Price: £599.99.