Sam Richardson, who teamed up with John Bailey. A competition to win a session where they fished could be yours - so be sure to follow the Mail!

North West angler Sam Richardson has been reflecting on his coarse fishing experience with John Bailey, the ace Angler’s Mail magazine columnist.

The Blackpool-based angler, who joined John in Norfolk after winning via the Hardy & Greys website, said: ‘I was thrilled to learn I’d won the competition in ‘On Coarse’ and now had the chance to fish with legendary angler John Bailey – what a fantastic few days!

‘John is the nicest individual I’ve ever met on the bank, his knowledge of coarse angling is second to none.

‘The way he helped me to better identify bite recognition, and the long conversations we had of our childhood fishing the River Weaver will stay with me for a long time – thanks John.’

John Bailey, the Angler's Mail star, who writes exclusively in our magazine every week.

Hardy & Greys arketing manager Gav Burn said: ‘We’re thrilled that Sam had a great few days with John.

‘We’re very lucky to have someone like John working of our company and we knew when we came up with the idea of the competition he was the perfect guy to help us with this.

‘Sam is a specimen carp angler; although I know from speaking to him that he will be back to the wonderful Kingfisher complex next year in pursuit of his next tench!’


If you subscribe to ‘On Coarse’ ( at www.greysfishing.com/oncoarse) you can read a full write up on the event from John Bailey.

And be sure to read John every week in the Mail – there will be a competition exclusive for Mail readers linked to his column soon!

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