Gary Newman (left) has been talking to Martin James.

MARTIN JAMES is joined by Angler’s Mail columnist Gary Newman on BBC Radio this week, for his popular weekly show, At The Water’s Edge.

Amongst the many features will be a discussion about our Pallatrax Specimen Cup, the exciting new-look big coarse fish contest exclusive to Angler’s Mail magazine.

BBC Radio Lancashire is the station to tune into on Thursday, March 15, 7pm. If you’re in the area you’ll find it on 95.5/103.9 FM/DAB.

But anyone can find it online by clicking on the station’s website HERE.  If you miss it the show will be available online for the following seven days.

Martin has just enjoyed three late river season days fishing on the Kennet and Wye. Here, for, he recounts the sessions…

Martin's 6 lb 2 oz chub.

“I only had short sessions as I was helping other anglers. It was certainly exciting fishing, also my guests caught fish.

The first day  I had two guests Mark Hyde, from Barnoldswick, Lancashire and Mark Sural of Leicester.

Having walked the beat with the two Mark’s I put them into a couple of likely looking swims. Two hours later Will Carter turned up, so I grabbed some tackle and managed half an hour of fishing .

In the first spot fishing Pallatrax Cheese Feast I had a chub of 5 lb 7 oz, I then moved onto the next spot catching a chub of 6 lb 2 oz again on cheese paste wrapped around a chunk of crust. In the next spot I got another chub of 6 lb 1 oz. What a great trio of chub!

Tackle was a 12 ft Avon-action rod, Mitchell 300 reel purchased for me as one of my Christmas presents in 1953. The spool was filled with 12lb sinking braid.

After putting a stop knot on the line I added a small swivel followed by another stop knot. On one end of the swivel I tied on six inches of line then tied on a size 4 Pallatrax barbless hook using a Palomar knot. This simple rig of stop knots and swivel works very well for me, it’s also very easy to move the weights up and down the line depending on the bait in use.

Looking at the flow of water I reckon I would need three LG shot which were lightly pinched on the small length of line tied from the swivel.

I then spent the rest of the day with my two guests making tea, serving lunch of a hot pot with tea and biscuits several times during the afternoon. Mark Sural had a personal best chub of 4 lb 8 oz while Mark Hyde had a couple of 3lb plus chub, he also lost another fish which I estimated as a big five.

The next day I had three guests Tony Booker, Mike Petch and Mark Hyde, I spent my time looking after all three also doing some bailiffing. I also kept my guests supplied with tea and sandwiches.

At four in the afternoon I chose a spot to fish and listen to the rugby. Casting out a balanced bait of cheese paste and crust I put the rod in the rest. At dusk under a clear sky mist started to drift upstream the temperature dropped.

Around seven o’clock I thought five more minutes and I will pack up.. Suddenly there was a light pull on the rod tip, picking up the rod I pushed it forward to give some slack line. Suddenly the bow in the line was gone, as the rod tip curved round. Striking I found myself hooked up to a good fish.  Ten minutes later I netted a barbel which took the scales round to 11lb.

11 lb of hard-fighting barbel.

The third day I was on the River Wye at Ross with Mark Hyde and Ross AC bailiff as guests. After putting mark into a swim I went further downstream with Mike. I found a nice swim with about six feet of water and a nice crease or seam. I dropped in two cricket size balls of mashed bread.

Thirty minutes later I told Mike to bait the size 4 hook with cheese flavoured crust. Within minutes the tip pulled round a fish was hooked and quickly off. Mike then hooked another fish which was lost in some trailing brambles. Third chuck and he got a chub about 4lb. For the next two hours he hooked and lost a few fish missed a few and caught a few nice chub.

Mike went off to do his bailiff duties while Mark and I had some tea and sandwiches.It was just after 3 o’clock when I got back to my swim where I had some really exciting fishing.

Big for the Wye - Martin's 5 lb 9 oz chub.

In my first eight casts I had a barbel estimated at about 8 lb then seven chub averaging 4 lb-plus with the last chub weighing in at 5 lb 9 oz. I’ve had six-pounders from the Wye but a 5 lb fish is rated highly.

To top it off Mark had a few chub and barbel from the Wye.

What a great three days!”