DEADLY Koi Herpes Virus has struck one of the country’s top match and pleasure fishing venues.


Larford Lakes, the prolific and much-admired complex near Stourport in Worcestershire, has been hit by the deadly disease KHV.

The misfortune continues an ‘annus horribilis’ for boss Phil Briscoe who earlier this year left top tackle firm Maver which he ran for many years in the UK.

And then, only a few weeks ago, the firm stopped Phil having the £65,000 jackpot final of the Maver Match This match at Larford that he personally set up. The event’s climax was switched to Hayfield Lakes in South Yorkshire.

In response to rumours and inaccurate information spread on social media, Phil revealed all about KHV infection.

Phil told Angler’s Mail: “The whole fishery remains open and safety measures have been put in place to stop the disease spreading elsewhere.

“It is correct that KHV has been diagnosed in the Match Lake but this isn’t closed and there is no truth in the rumour that lorry loads of fish have been taken away.

Pole-tastic! Neil Machin (left) and Andy Moors (right) collect their rewards from Maver UK boss Phil Briscoe at the brilliant Maver Larford Lakes.

Phil Briscoe at Larford Lakes after one of its many big matches.

“Only the 1 lb stock fish stocked in February 16 have suffered but all the vast stock of resident larger carp continue to feed well.

“In total, probably around 200 1 lb fish have been removed with a value of around £5,000.

“Signage is in place with net dips for use when arriving and leaving the fishery, and we are taking all necessary steps to manage our business as a professional fishery should.

“The good news is that match results continue to impress with weights over 200 lb needed to frame on the specimen lake, similar weights on the Arena and 150 lb or more needed to win the match lake. These weights confirm our fishing is still top class.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) and the Environment Agency for their prompt response and help, and hope that other fisheries work with them should they experience problems.

“KHV is a problem nationwide and needs to be reported by all responsible fisheries,” Phil added.

Since the breakout, other cases of KHV have been revealed – be sure to read Angler’s Mail magazine for the latest plus the best Where To Fish guide by local experts you can trust.