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SUCCESS to report close to home this week, folks after fun on our lovely long summer holidays. Doesn’t it feel good to be sleeping back in our own beds again… just a shame we’re now back at college and school!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon at our local river hoping to catch some chub. We chose a small feeder, 5 lb hooklength and a banded pellet on a size 16 on our light feeder rod.

Five minutes in and Alex had his first bite!

The weirpool swim is very popular with club members and so we were pleased to see that no one was fishing it. We deposited our bags and baits, spot secured. Carl and I both filled up our feeder and cast out into the centre of the pool where the water slackened slightly.

Within the first five minutes both of us had quite a few twitches on the tips of the rods but then suddenly my rod smacked round. I picked it up the rod… and it was bent full!

“Looks like a nice chub,” Carl remarked. The fish then pulled line from my reel until it couldn’t go any further. It was now at the back of the pool where there were tree roots and over hanging bushes that the fish at any moment could get into.


After a good fight – we finally netted

At this point I started to think it was a barbel because it was pulling so hard. After five  more minutes of me gaining line and the fish pulling line I managed to get the fish on the surface. I was amazed to see the big head of a barbel!

We managed to get it in the net and let it recover after a long hard fight on 5 lb line.

We laid the fish on the mat and it weighed in at 9lb exactly! I couldn’t believe it. My first barbel I had caught since we visited the Wye last October.

We had some photos taken of the beast and then let it recover in the water before we let it go. It’s good to give fish a bit of time as you don’t want them to turn the wrong way round in the fast flow. There are some good tips on barbel care on this website (click here to read that article).

My catch swam off fast and strong….lovely. What a feeling it was to have caught a junior record fish for this stretch of river and that we had only planned to catch a chub or two!

The next hour and a half passed uneventfully but I didn’t mind. The barbel had made my day.


Alex with his 9 lb barbel


  • If you want to see more of the lads’ videos for free, now, just browse the Carl & Alex channel in this website’s new TV player.
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