Brothers Carl & Alex, aged 17 and 14, are the youngest bloggers in our mix.

WELCOME to our Friday blog. Every Friday we hand over to Carl and Alex Smith – known online as simply Carl & Alex.

These super keen youngsters have a passion for making a variety of fishing videos, and provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

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OVER the past month I haven’t managed to get out on the bank much as I have been caught up with my other hobbies and schoolwork. However I can’t wait to wet a line sometime soon! School has now finished for the Christmas break and time is freeing up.

I fancy some predator fishing over the winter holidays, before I go back. I will now go through some of my tactics and rigs that I plan to use…

Alex is hoping for a nice pike or two over the holidays.

On the perch side of things we know a fishery quite close to home that holds perch to 4 lb. I can’t wait to visit!

I think I will use waggler tactics but with a thin tip on the float as perch don’t like resistance.

For the bait a size 10 hook with either a chunk of prawn, a bunch of worms or maybe loads of maggots stuffed onto a smaller size 12 or 14.

I would also like to target pike at our local Tanyard Fishery where pike average around 4-7lb; they are brilliant sport on a good day. We also know of a few other venues to try.

We will be using livebaits and dead smelt and sprats on float tactics but we may do a bit of lure and spinning if the conditions are right.

I will hopefully catch some more like this one (pictured, right) that I had last year.

And lastly I would love to catch my first zander. I have never tried for zander before but I hope to do so this winter.

I will be looking at lots of zander fishing videos trying to gain as much information on rigs, baits and tactics as I can!

Before we go back for the new term we will hopefully be meeting up with some of our fishing friends in other parts of the country: Matt in Hampshire, Ben in Buckinghamshire and Paul in the Midlands.

It is good to share experiences and tactics and we are always grateful for this as it is a great way to improve.

We both hope you all have been having a great Christmas and enjoy a top start to 2013 – and catch some big fish!


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