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Getting to grips with zig rig fishing for carp 


A FEW weeks back I wrote a blog about my failures whilst zig fishing and how I was getting runs but not landing the fish. Well that has now changed. On my last session to the Tanyard coarse lakes I actually hooked and landed a zig-tempted carp!

I arrived on Coarse Pool 2 at about 10am and saw the odd carp touch the surface in a sunken bush near the dam of the lake. I started spraying maggots over the top of them and it wasn’t long before I could tell it was time to put some zig rigs out.

I had tested the depth the session before and found it was 3ft deep so I opted for a white Glow Bug at a foot off bottom and a red and black bug two feet off bottom. I cast tight to the bush and tightened up my clutch a little as I knew they would dive for the snags as soon as they were hooked.

I used Glow Bug, and deployed some of the tips suggested to me by Alan Blair.

I used Glow Bug, and deployed some of the tips suggested to me by Alan Blair.

About a week ago, Alan Blair from Nash, kindly gave me loads of tips with zig fishing and pointed out a few important things which I was doing wrong. Firstly, I was only using a 1oz lead, so I changed that to 2oz.

He also suggested I tried putting a 4mm long piece of silicone tubing on the eye of the zig bug to lengthen the shank of the hook, but to also insure that the line was coming of the eye at the right angle.

So I put all these things into practice and it must have made a difference.

I had a bite after 5 minutes of the rod being out, and the fish was hooked very well, it definitely wasn’t coming out in a hurry. The fish was a lovely common. Then 20 minutes later after feeding maggots little and often the rod ripped off again and a hard fighting common graced my net.

Yes, it worked! I'm off the mark on zigs - happy days!

Yes, it worked! I’m off the mark on zigs – happy days!

Both the fish had been on the Glow Bug at a foot off bottom but to check if it was the bug making me catch or the depth of the rig, I changed the bugs around and after 15 minutes the Glow Bug went away again! This time with a hard fighting ghosty of about 6lb, definitely the best fish of the session.

But whether it was a fluke or just the fish could find the white bait easier, I’m not to know. All I do know is that I feel a lot more confident in fishing zig rigs. Thanks Alan for the information, very helpful.


Hope you have a great weekend. I really want to get back on the rivers so please stop rain!





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