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LAST weekend I set out to catch some chub, but not from a river.  In fact I was fishing on a wild estate lake surrounded by oak, holly bushes and poplar trees.

The reason I decided to fish there was because three years ago I visited the lake after school and found a shoal of big chub on the surface.

I had chosen to pole fish so I could hit the bites easily, even if I had to fish shallow. I cupped in cloudy groundbait to kick the swim off and then sprayed maggots on the surface, little and often to give the chub something to feed on.


On the pole hoping to get into some chub…

On my first cast (or put in) the float dipped and a small roach hooked itself against the pole tip. I knew there were roach in the lake but we had never caught many of them.

The next cast brought another roach, and after that another one! I could not understand why the chub were not feeding. Eventually I caught a chublet, a very small one, but it confirmed that there are still chub in the lake!


No, not even a small chub but another small roach takes my bait.

Later on, and about 50 roach later, we started to notice chub up to around 2lb cruising in the shallows of the lake. We were desperate to catch one so Alex took a slice of bread and freelined in the shallows. He managed to catch a couple of carp but we will save that for another blog. The chub dispersed and seemed very spooky, the water was clear in the shallows so perhaps that is why they were so scared.

Back in the pole swim, I struggled to get a bite from anything for about 20 minutes before the float slid away and I hooked something which actually pulled back! It darted under my own bank so I had to ship back out to pull it free. My 6-8 elastic was stretching all over the place but eventually a 2lb tench was drawn into my net. I was chuffed to bits and it was a very welcome bonus fish.

Alex had a break from filming me and went off and stalked another carp; in the meantime I had managed to get a handful of chub competing in my swim. Fishing at around 1ft depth I picked off the two biggest ones in the shoal by dropping the rig in front of them! The other chub spooked and disappeared back up towards the shallows, but I was very happy to have caught my target species.

The lake seemed to go very quiet at around 4.00pm; the sun had disappeared behind some big trees and the lake was cast in shadow. No fish jumped, splashed or fed on my bait, the float sat motionless.

I called it a day at 5.00pm and peered into my net, I had caught more roach than I thought, but the highlights were the tench and chub. Alex took some photos and we released the fish into the chilly water. It had been an enjoyable day at the estate and my face felt ever so slightly sunburnt, spring has arrived!


A tidy net of fish. I was happy with this tench, but stillwater chub you see in the net was what I really came for.


If you have a spare couple of minutes and want to know what we have been up to in February and what we are planning for April, check out this video…





Have a great weekend,  Carl.




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