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WE HAVE spent the last few weekends really struggling to catch a carp at our new target water for this year. It holds about 15 carp and is around 2ft deep and a couple of acres in size.

You would expect that such a shallow water would make it incredibly easy to spot the fish but in fact due to its shallow nature the fish are ultra wary and hide away in the snags 90% of the time.

I fluked two fish on my first session, the two biggest mirrors in the lake but since then I have blanked time and time again!

A tricky proposition...

A tricky proposition…

I have begun a prebaiting campaign, introducing boilies little and often to the spots I think might produce. And I have even started drawing up a map of the lake with the gravel spots, depths and what the bottom is made of.

Alex had a bite on our last session but sadly failed to connect with it – it seems the fish are quite pressured but do feed well on occasions.

We have spent ages thinking about rigs and what bait to use, but in the end we have decided that we will continue using the rig I caught the first two fish on (a pop up on a simple blowback) and will keep using our same boilies as bait. We know they eat them so we might as well keep them going in!

It can be hard sometimes to stay confident when you have not had a bite for a few weeks, months or in extreme cases years! But by heading back to somewhere you know well and using the same tactics it can help you restore confidence in them.

To boost our confidence, we popped down to a local wild lake to try and stalk a carp. Alex waded around the margins of the lake looking for fish and finally found a few fish sunning themselves in the snags.

We fished for a hour or two and caught some pretty little commons. It was great fun and it reminded us that catching any size of fish is enjoyable and it got us fired up for the stalking we hope to do in the summer!

Alex waded to the fish...

Alex waded to the fish…


Anyway, our Winter Carp Adventure came out a couple of weeks ago and we would love to hear what you thought of it – so leave us a comment! Here it is…






What would you like to see us doing in our next adventure video? Leave your ideas and comments on the Angler’s Mail Facebook page.


Tight lines for now, have a great weekend’s fishing, we will be back at our new lake, blanking again probably!!






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Be sure to get your copy of Angler’s Mail this week. It includes the Korum Specimen Cup and lots of big fish news, reports and tips.


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