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THE weather might be wonderful now, but whilst we were in Shropshire there was a bit too much rain for my liking. In fact, we needed to use wellies just to stand in our swims to cast out!  

View from base camp…

We had a great time though and fishing such a scenic venue made up for having everything soaked because I forgot my groundsheet…

The drive to the venue took around three hours but it passed quickly as I slept most of the way, the late night before catching up on me.

When we reached the gate it seemed like we had just driven into Narnia minus the snow; there were pine trees everywhere and beneath them it was quite dark!

The lake was a huge expanse of clear water surrounded by rhodedendrons and irises. We had been told there were plenty of carp to go at so we decided to spread 100 boilies around Alex’s spot and almost a kilo of hemp and corn over mine.

The first night was uneventful, but early next morning I was called over to film Alex’s first and only carp of the session. It was a chunky 19-pounder with rather prominent shoulders…


Check out the shoulders on Alex’s 19-pounder!

Just as we were returning Alex’s fish, our fishing partner Paul Garner’s alarm let out a few beeps so we ran back to his swim to see him lifting into a carp!

Paul in action.

Paul successfully landed a mid double-figure mirror and Alex and I took plenty of clips for the video. Later that day we were called back into Paul’s swim to witness another carp, this time a 20lb+ common carp.

Just as we were filming Paul and the fish, his other rod burst into action so Alex had to rest the carp in the water whilst Paul picked up the rod! Surprisingly the culprit was one of the fish that had spawned in the lake, a baby mirror carp! Ed, the bailiff at the fishery told us that those small fish are very rarely caught and that he had not seen them at all during the winter. Well, Paul must have been on a shoal of them because later in the session he caught a few more!

That afternoon the action really kicked off for Paul; on a couple of occasions he did not have any rods in the water because both had gone off!

Between captures, Paul made sure he always had bait in his swim to keep the fish interested. He topped up regularly with Monster Squid boilies launched out to the baited area using a throwing stick.

I did not have half as much luck and even with two runs at the same time, I did not hook either of the fish, time to change my rigs!

Anyway, to find out more, and to see what else Paul and I caught on this brilliant session take a look at this two part special video:




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I will be out for barbel and chub soon I expect, so check back here next week to see how I get on!




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