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THIS week has been pretty busy for us both, and although we have been very excited about fishing with a couple of big name anglers, we have still appreciated that the more you take, the more you should give back.

Just a few days ago we were on the Wye filming Lewis Baldwin (Nash PegOne angler) fishing for barbel with his pellet feeder approach. We were there to put together a film demonstrating his tactics and to show the incredible fishing available on the Wye.

Slightly annoyingly the river was terribly low and clear which made the fishing hard,  morning and evening being the top times for a bite.

Luckily Lewis is a top angler and sussed out what stretches and swims to try in pursuit of a barbel or two. He produced the goods on both days that we spent filming, and combined with the breathtaking scenery it produced a wonderful mini film which you can watch here:





Out on the banks with the Mail’s Gary Newman (in blue).

The next exciting event was a session with Gary Newman, the Mail’s top all round specimen hunter. He had emailed to ask if we could show him a venue near us but after a fair bit of thinking, we decided to take him to a spot on the upper Lea. It was a longer journey for us, but a worthwhile one, as this river is a top spot for silverfish and barbel.

We met Gary in the nearby car park at 5.30 in the morning. I had assured him that an early start was necessary due to the river being so shallow, clear

and the proximity of a busy road and High Street. First cast brought Alex a barbel on the float; we caught many more fish as the day went on. To find out more about our session with Gary, check out the next issue of Angler’s Mail (comes out Tuesday, August 20, with FREE ROD REST!)




We’re young…but this fella was a lot younger!

Once the fishing with Gary was over and we were confident that there were enough photos for his article, we headed home to meet a young man who wanted to learn how to fish! Just 7 years old and the son of a friend of our Mum’s, he had expressed an interest in fishing so we had agreed to take him for his first proper session!

For the venue we were originally going to visit Tanyard Fishery but because of the traffic, he arrived late in the evening, just enough light for an hour on the bank. We walked up to a tiny pond in the woods near our house, a pond full to the brim with rudd and a few tiny carp. Luckily for us, we have permission to fish here thanks to the kindness of the landowner.

His first few casts were unsuccessful, but he soon learnt the movement and timing. Maggots peppering the surface soon brought rudd into the area and he was catching consistently! It was delightful to see the smile on his face as the little rudd were lifted from the water. Infact the session took me back to my first fishing trip and the sheer joy a tiny silverfish can bring.

He did not want to go home but as the light was fading, I took a picture of his catch and he grinned all the way home. This, surely, is what fishing is all about…

He’s well and truly hooked!


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