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Fitting carp sessions into a working life


THIS week has been very similar to last week. Work all week. Go fishing Saturday and blank, go fishing on Sunday and eventually manage to catch a small carp.

I did not appreciate how working a 9-5 job would influence my fishing so much, but I have had no time for my midweek sessions which I did so regularly whilst at college.

I snuck in an overnighter at our new park lake last Wednesday night but casting in the dark, baiting in the dark and packing up in the dark is not a huge amount of fun. I’m sure the effort will pay off eventually though!


My rods aren’t getting out so much for midweekers at the moment.

I am currently having my last few driving lessons in the hope that within the next few weeks I will be confident enough to take my test. Once I can drive two things will happen.

I will very quickly run out of money because insurance and petrol is so expensive. And secondly I will be able to drive to new waters, get up early, get home late and not have to bug Mum or Dad for a lift to the river or lake!

But this whole blog is about trying to stay positive which is something we have both been struggling with lately. I have been in bed for a couple of days with flu and Alex blanked on his after school sessions.


On a brighter note, I did catch this!

Our target water ‘the park’ has not been giving up its secrets easily and although a couple of the locals have been extremely helpful we are still struggling to catch consistently. That is partly down to it being a tricky little water but also because we have not been able to put in the time which we would like to.

The car park near the lake is a bit dodgy to say the least so we only do night sessions when accompanied by a friend or two. Day sessions however have kept us active and by traveling light we are able to keep on the move and hunt the carp whilst they move along their patrol route.

The key thing we are noticing is the fish’s movements around the lake. They definitely shoal up and they also seem to have a specific route they take over a 24 hour period. The key to our short overnighters and the day sessions is to set up just ahead of the shoal so the baits and rigs are in position before the fish move into the swim!

Besides trying to suss out the park lake we have not been doing a huge amount of fishing. All our thoughts and all our focus has been very one dimensional but hopefully we will catch our target fish and we will be able to diversify again! One thing is for certain though, if we do manage to catch what we are after, it will be a very memorable experience.

Before I go I will leave you with this short video about the pole fishing session I mentioned a previous blog. Hope you enjoy it!







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