Jamie Hughes lifted the Fish’O’Mania title in front of Sky Sports TV viewers and a big crowd of spectators, many using their free entry voucher with Angler’s Mail magazine.


CARP and barbel fed like crazy for the Fish’O’Mania’s 20th final, but there was one very clear winner with a dazzling red-hot display of match fishing – and that was Jamie Hughes.

The popular Wirral-based angling coach, backed by Maver and Bag ’em Matchbaits, caught a stunning 68.470 kg in the sunshine at Cudmore’s Arena Pool in north Staffordshire.

It’s the second best weight ever recorded in the long-running televised final, and it came against what many pundits said was the best-ever final field featuring some highly experienced bagging anglers.

Well backed by punters at the bookies onsite and offsite, pole tactics saw Jamie mainly plunder barbel at peg 7 (where he drew last year and came fourth) on a line where he could loose feed by hand.

And watched by a big crowd in sizzling weather, including his mum and dad and girfriend sat behind him, there was no stopping the former Angler’s Mail Matchman of the Year on the way to a £30,000 payday plus the coveted title, this year sponsored by hotelplanner.com

Lee Barrett was well behind despite a strong finish, with 38.100, ahead of Andy Leather 36.430, in a Fisho fish fest.

Others: James Dent 32.900; Neil McKinnon 29.020; Dale Shepherd 27.050; Les Thompson 24.550; Tom Pickering 23.860; Nathan Watson 22.780; Andy Power 22.080; Gary Hick 20.430; Darren Cox 15.130; Craig Jones 11.710; Perry Stone 5.930; Nick Speed 4.850; Gavin Millis 2.400.

Jamie gets ready to hit another bite at peg 7.


  • Best fish worth £1,000 went to former Match This champion Andy Power for a near 13 lb carp caught late on, as many went after that prize. And England ace Emma Pickering took the ladies’ crown.


Jamie Hughes’ name is now added to this illustrious list as the event celebrates its 20th year.


2012                        Warren Martin                                    30.67 kg                        Cudmore


2011                        Shane Atkin                                                20.53 kg                        Cudmore


2010                        Neil McKinnon                                                27.98 kg                        Cudmore


2009                        Matt Hall (Awsworth)                                    34.77 kg                        Cudmore


2008                        Mick Bull (Warwick)                                    29.64 kg                        Cudmore


2007                        Clive Wright (Wolverhampton)            51.92 kg                        Hayfield


2006                        Neil Machin (Stoke)                                    98.69 kg                        Hayfield


2005                        Marc Jones (Wakefield)                        17.55 kg                        Hayfield


2004                        Rob Hitchens (Rotherham)                        25.07 kg                        Hayfield


2003                        Matt Hall (Awsworth)                                    22.00 kg                        Hayfield


2002                         Nathan Watson (Louth)                        39.60 kg                        Hayfield


2001                        Steve Jackson (Bridgwater)                        37.61 kg                        Hayfield


2000                        Geoff Ringer (Ravensthorpe)                        19.70 kg                        Hayfield


1999                        Steve Cooke            (Retford)                        31.610 kg                        Hayfield


1998                        Steve Ringer (Ravensthorpe)                        32.54 kg                        Hayfield


1997                        Kevin Rowles            (Devizes)                        17.59 kg                        Hayfield


1996                        Dave Pimlott            (Manchester)                        6.60 kg                                    Hallcroft


1995                        Andy Jennings (Wakefield)                        19.56 kg                        Hallcroft


1994                        Ian Turner (Worksop)                                    13.15 kg                        Mallory Park

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