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Britain’s biggest fish are to star in a new DVD called UK Monsters… as revealed in this week’s Angler’s Mail and last week’s mag, when we also broke the news of Mick Brown’s 115-pounder.

The monster catfish has been landed at bigger weights before… but this time its capture, by the famous predator specialist, was professionally recorded on film. And ANGLERSMAILTV now has a trailer for the full length DVD!

The soon-to-be-released UK Monsters DVD sees former GB international lure angler Tony Debenham and Fletcher Hodgins set out at Oakwood Park Predator Lakes in Thetford, the UK’s most prolific big fish venue in the country.

Their quest: to bring some of Britain’s biggest catfish captures to camera for you.

The catches caught on camera include a haul of cats over 30 lb, 40 lb, 50 lb, 60 lb… and then guest star Mick Brown’s colossal 115lb monster (pictured, right)… making this the only DVD in the country to show the capture of Britain’s biggest fish caught on rod and line.

The anglers pass on knowledge, tips and tricks first hand as they put into practice skill and technique for catching these beasts.

Tony said: ‘The results we had whilst filming this DVD no-one never expected, and to get it captured on film as well was remarkable.

‘The catches caught on camera in this film proves there is no need to travel abroad to catch the bigger fish, they’re already here in the UK!’

UK Monsters is due to be released before Christmas.