Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Garbolino UK1 Accomplice Pro Pole ...

TOP of the range, this is a pole that Garbolino’s Darren Cox worked on for a long time with the rest of the team to get exactly right.

This pole is designed as a commercial carp pole, to fish well at 16 metres.

Cleverly opting for a hybridised design, it actually has two 5.95 m top kits – one for silver fish and F1s, and the other a commercial one capable of handling anything you’re likely to hook.

Arrow straight, incredibly responsive and well balanced this is a pole you can happily fish on rivers, lakes and commercials, winter or summer.

You’ll be impressed with its performance, when you’re fishing long at 16 m.

It comes with a further seven top kits, a short half extension and two short No.4s, plus PTFE Bushes and a deluxe holdall.

All the top kits come with PTFE Side Puller Slots, which feature a wheel, to run smoother and reduce wear on elastics.

With enough power as a carp match pole to ensure it can cover any situation. It utilises one of the highest modulus carbons available.

Price: £3099.