FREE LINE comes to you on the cover of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – out now!

Priced just £1.80, the CK Native spool is worth £5.99.

The magazine’s full of great stuff too, including:

  • How to land all that you hook
  • Huge mahseer now possible on carp gear
  • Essential Knowledge on carp rigs
  • Is Koi Herpes Virus beaten?


  • Interview with the new pike king
  • Why it’s a testing time for line
  • Angling stores on the up
  • Best barbel gear
  • Two for one rod deal scores perfect ten
  • River bream on new feeders
  • Fantastic Fishes, with Dr Mark Everard
  • Gary Newman targets big roach
  • Colin Davidson on why bright is right plus essential carp fishing tools



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