Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Fox Black Label Compact Pod ...


THIS won’t be Fox’s mega volume seller, but it gets my vote. A stylish compact pod that folds down to 28 cm x 11 cm!

Launched to complement the rest of Fox’s stealthy Black Label bank ware range, it caught my eye as soon as they launched it.

Made by Fox from black anodised aluminium it’s designed to work with the Black Label Cam-Lok Banksticks and their matching Buzz Bars, you just need to convert the latter with their Goal Post Converter Kit.

You screw the bank sticks to the buzzer bars and then drop the whole lot into the adjustable Compact Pod frame, tighten and adjust and bingo you’ve converted your system into a tidy pod.

Weighing 650 g, and supplied in a neoprene case, I like the fact that you can just keep this nifty pod with the rest of your kit and if you find yourself on hard ground or staging it’s still simple to set-up.

Complete with Cam-Loks, and those neat folding legs, the central bar extends from 28 to 40 cm.

Price: £104.99.