Billy Flowers (left) and Jamie Londors reveal a range of amazing tips and techniques in Carp Tips 2011.

The Angler’s Mail team has just completed a stunning 12-page feature on two of the hottest rods in the sport, for our new premium publication entitled Carp Tips 2011.

Fast-rising carp match fishing duo, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors, are already fixtures in the England carp team despite being aged just 22 and 28 respectively.

Carp Tips 2011 picks their brains for an incredible insight to what modern “proper carp” match fishing is all about.

Carp Tips 2011 then followed them for the duration of a carp match. We won’t give it all way – as some of tactical tricks in the mag are dynamite! – but Billy and Jamie WON the match.

The pair also appear in the issue of the main Angler’s Mail magazine (only £1.80) on sale from May 17.

Carp Tips 2011 has a great feature with Billy and Jamie. The guy on the cover is Colin Davidson, who appears with cutting-edge carp advice every week in Angler's Mail magazine.

Aside from appearing in Carp Tips 2011, Billy and Jamie are clearly now rated as hot stuff, reflected in Nash Tackle having just announced the signing of an innovative and potentially lucrative FIVE-YEAR contract. Most tackle and bait firm deals are shorter or very informal affairs.

Kevin Nash commented: ‘Billy and Jamie have for a long time been avid Nash tackle and bait users and we’ve been happy to supply them with their needs when fishing for the England team. However, I feel that the time has come to recognise their growth and immense match-winning abilities, and so have formalised a deal, bringing them on board as our Nash match carp consultants.

‘As a big fish angler, it has taken me a while to get my head around the match carp side of the sport. Now I recognise that it’s a growth area as well as being a very challenging way of fishing. With the demands Billy and Jamie put on their kit, I am sure they will be invaluable consultants, helping us to continue to produce the very best in innovative tackle.’

Billy and Jamie have been selected as the senior pair to fish for England this year, in the World Championships to be staged in Italy, they have won two silver medals in the last three years, the Midlands Masters 2010 and came third in the British Carp Angling Championships 2010.

  • Carp Tips 2011, which costs £4.99 with free Camofish line, is in shops for a limited period starting Tuesday, May 17. Stockists will include larger Tesco stores.