ANGLER’S MAIL editor Tim Knight was the only major UK magazine editor at the 2016 European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Amsterdam, and here he reports on major developments at Daiwa... namely their new brand, Prorex.

DAIWA chose EFTTEX to give the first glimpse of an all-new label, Prorex. I was impressed by what I saw… and it’s just the start of things to come!

Stephen McCaveny (pictured above) and the Daiwa team were busy showing Prorex to stream of visitors and their  trout swimbait won the show’s Best Soft Lure category.

Prorex is a large range of high performance reels, rods, lures and accessories for modern lure anglers seeking pike, perch and zander.

Daiwa’s existing unique technologies are incorporated into the reels and rods (at three price points, yet to be set).


Soft, hybrid and hard lures have new features for incredible actions and versatility, plus life-like printing, LIVE reproduction. Yes, what I saw looked like the real thing and actions are real too.

I saw ribbed tails, to not just enhance the swimming action but enable adding of scent and fold over on the strike for a cleaner hook-up.

There are heads created for extreme durability, and you can interchange some tops and bottoms quite easily. The rubber is repairable too – handy after damage by predatory teeth.

All trebles (some with ‘stingers’) are razor sharp – I know as one pricked me straight away! And the eye, key to the new Prorex logo, is the same – beady and staring – across lures.

Final testing and fine-tuning of the Prorex range is well underway ready for a full winter launch, which will also include a special website. This is impressive kit and serious lure fans will be taking note.

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