THE UK has been suffering extremes of weather, with floods in some regions and drought in others.

Conditions have been a bigger than usual talking point, and not just for river anglers.

EA figures indicate that nine rivers in England have low flows and the Rivers Coln, Kennet, Frome, Tone, and Nene are all exceptionally low.

England and Wales has had less than half its long term average rainfall for October, and South East England has had the lowest rainfall of all.

Just prior to last week’s heavy rain, veteran rivers fan Martin James reported: ‘I have never seen the Kennet so low having fished it since 1947.’

Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, and west Norfolk are still in drought status, and the Midlands has now had its driest 12 months since records began in 1910. Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Shropshire are all listed as particularly dry.

But South West England, Wales and Northern Ireland have suffered heavy flooding after torrential rain caused rivers to burst their banks, and there were flood warnings in place for parts of Scotland around Tayside, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Cardinham, in Cornwall, had half a month’s rain in a few hours, and in parts of the Irish Republic more than a month’s rain fell in a day, with Dublin particularly badly hit.